Solid Lotion Bar - Rose
Solid Lotion Bar - Rose
Solid Lotion Bar - Rose
Solid Lotion Bar - Rose
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Solid Lotion Bar - Rose

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Its a lotion in solid form, made with natural ingredients that stay solid at room temperature. The warmth of your skin "activates" them, meaning once the lotion is rubbed in your hands or applied to your skin, your natural body heat warms up the bar - this softens the bar which allows it to glide on smoothly. The ingredients used are rich and moisturizing for your skin.  

What makes our original formula lotion bars the best for your skin? It's unique, one of a kind formula nourishes, protects and helps heal and correct common skin issues, like dryness, with the natural ingredients below.

- Coconut Oil, is rich in fatty acids that has anti-inflammatory properties, anti-microbial properties, and moisturizes dry skin.

- Shea Butter is known for its protective and emollient properties. Naturally moisturizing it penetrates deeply and leaves a smooth, satiny finish.

- Cocoa Butter prevents drying of the skin and helps maintains skin's supple look while also deeply moisturizing.

SCENT: These are mildly scented with Rose Petal essential oil.


- ultra-moisturizing as compared to water-based lotion
- no stabilizers and preservatives
- less messy, easy application
- quickly absorbs
- travel friendly
- stored in reusable container


These lotion bars work with the humidity and warmth created by the shower to help lock in vital moisture create softer, smoother skin. At the end of your shower just simply rub bar in gentle long strokes onto skin. Place bar back in tin. Shelf stable for 4-6 months (depending on how long you allow bar to dry after use) after first use.

Use these lotion bars as needed all over on dry skin and hands. Just simply remove lotion bar from tin, rub it little into your hands, then apply onto your body part that needs moisturizing and massage in, or you can directly rub onto you body in gentle long strokes. Shelf stable for 1 year after first use.

STORAGE: Keep these buttery bars fresh and clean in a lidded container. In hot weather, store in the fridge to avoid meltdowns. We don’t like meltdowns.


Earthsy Co. focuses on using only high quality ingredients with a concentration on using ingredients that are plant-based, vegan, food-grade and locally sourced when possible. All products are made without parabens and sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate. Tested on *Human* friends and family only.


Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Vit E Oil, Rose Essential Oil.


This listing is for one 2.5 oz. / 70 gm solid lotion bar stored in a reusable tin.


Earthsy Co. Soap’s are made in small batches using cold process method and cured for 4 to 6 weeks to produce a good, hard, long lasting bar of soap. Its great for all skin types! For external use only. Check our entire artisan soap collection HERE 


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